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Yasta ya Arribiya (Car Driver) - Fatme Serhan Mabrook alaik elfarah ya areesna ya ghali Congratulations our dear bridegroom Ya marhaba bel habayeb Welcome our dear invitees Wel a'am wel khal And the uncles Gatlak arousa amar men beat aseel a'ali You got a beautiful bride from a respected family Ma tzoua'a yasta elarribiya…elzaffa ya a'am ellealah deah Car driver please decorate the wedding car the wedding is today Efresha'a zouhor…attarha bakhour Carpet it with flowers….with a nice scent Set elbanat mestaniyah….ma tzawa'a yasta el arribiya The beautiful bride is waiting… driver please decorate the car Ayzeen na'adi ala elala'a…shayleen be'edeana shmou wala'a We want to pass by the castle…holding lighted candles in our hands We nkhali koul elli yshoufna…youl ya reat farhiti deah And let everyone who sees us wishes it was his own wedding ma tzawa'a yasta el arribiya car driver please decorate the car Elzaffah hadour hetetna….we ta'adi oudam habaybna The wedding is going around our street..and it's going to pass by our dear people Nawar fanousak we anesna Light up your torch and join us We efrah ma'ana ya baladiya And have fun with us ma tzawa'a yasta el arribiya car driver please decorate the car Ya am teslam lena yadak…boukra fe farahak neta'ablak Thank you so much car driver…we will do the same for you in your wedding Bezeena we elfarh nzefak…maghna we a'alma we alfiyah We will welcome you with flowers, happiness, songs and dancers We nzawa'a lak elarribiya And decorate the car for you ma tzawa'a yasta el arribiya car driver please decorate the car
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