Asra performs a sword "duet" with the guest of honor at a birthday party in Winnipeg. Asra poses with a group of ladies at a bachelorette party in Manitoba. Asra entertaines the guests, pulling a smiling groom up to dance at an outdoor wedding.
Hire Asra For Your Event! 1)  Full Party Set - $145 This performance leaves your guests energized and really gets the party started!  High- quality entertainment perfect for most parties, socials, and other events! The full party set lasts between 15-20 minutes or 4-5 songs and is tailored to the particular needs of your event. Generally, the full set includes a surprise entrance with finger cymbals, dramatic sword balancing, exciting drum solo, and ends with an upbeat fun song to get the guests up and moving.  Audience participation is encouraged! For more a authentic Middle-Eastern performance, the set can include a cane dance or Raks Assaya, and traditional Middle-Eastern musical favorites can be used such as Oum Kalthoum. * Note - price for this set includes 15 minutes of wait time from the booked start time.  If your event runs behind schedule,  $15 will be added to the total price for each 15 minutes of additional wait time.  If Asra is booked for multiple performances that evening, additional wait time may not be possible.           2) Wedding Set - $ 260 Of course you want your special day to be perfect. Asra will work with you to make sure your evening is one your guests will remember!  Asra is happy to work with special requests for music, dance styles, and costuming.  Each wedding performance is custom tailored to suit your style. Asra will get the bride and groom, wedding party, and other guests up to dance!  A great way to liven up the evening and get your guests up on the dance floor! A traditional Middle-Eastern wedding procession or Zeffa can be included (contact Asra for pricing) as a wonderful way to announce your union to your guests. The wedding performance is approximately 20 minutes and includes up to 90 minutes of wait time from the planned starting time.  You can relax knowing that the entertainment will take place on your schedule. With notice, Asra will match her costume to your wedding colours if desired. * For best service, please contact Asra at least 4-6 weeks before your event. 2)  Ladies' Night Lesson - $145 This special one-hour package is perfect for ladies-nights, stagettes and showers!  Surprise the bachelorette or guest of honor with an amazing interactive bellydance lesson! Tie a scarf on your hips and learn how to move them!  This package includes a short 5- 10 minute performance followed by a bellydance lesson for you and your friends.  At the end of the lesson, you and your guests will be able to dance a short bellydance routine!   Asra brings fun coin hip scarves for everyone to wear during the lesson and may be purchased as a keepsake if you wish.  If desired, the whole package can be planned as a complete surprise for the bachelorette (Shhhh!). Safe, all-ages dance technique will be taught, with the focus on making sure everyone is up on their feet and laughing.  Make your ladies' party fun and memorable for everyone! Large groups welcome!  Asra has accomodated groups as large as 150 for ladies' night parties and will work with you to make your event a success. 3)  The Party/Lesson Combo - $250 Get the best of both worlds!  This combines the longer performance and wow-factor of the full party set with the interactive fun of a short bellydance lesson.  You will get a 10- 15 minute performance which includes props such as veil and sword.  Afterwards, Asra will bring out some hip scarves and teach a shorter 20-30 minute bellydance lesson. This is great for mixed male/female groups where a full one-hour lesson would be too long but you still want to include some interactive fun for the ladies (and the braver men!). Fun coin hip scarves for everyone to wear during the lesson are also included and may be purchased as a keepsake if you wish.  Of course, this can also be planned as a surprise for your guests if desired. 4)  Short Set or "Bellygram" - $120 A bellygram is a great idea for a surprise at a birthday party, restaurant, or any other place where something quick and fun is what you want!  Asra gets the guest of honor up on their feet, photos taken, and then it's back to your festivities! A bellygram is a quick 10 minute set composed of 2-3 short songs, designed to get your crowd energized without spending too much time (or money). Short but with plenty of impact, this package includes a dramatic entrance, a veil or sword piece to impress the guests, an upbeat pop song, and an exit with a flourish.  Sure to leave your guests talking, and your guest of honor smiling! Additional Sets - $120 Extend the evening's entertainment!  Add a second or third set at a reduced rate.  All additional sets include a change of costume. Additional Dancers Ask about additional dancers.  Prices will vary depending on the needs of your event. Repeat Bookings Reduced rates may be available for clubs, restaurants, etc looking to book regular performances.  Would you like to add value to your customer's dining experience or fill the seats on a slower night?   Please contact Asra to discuss your options, she will work with you to plan entertainment that suits your needs. Mileage for Bookings Outside of Winnipeg $0.75/km round trip from the Perimeter Hwy.  Additional charges apply if destination is more than 1 hour driving time from Winnipeg city limits. * Please note - all prices above are the basic rate for each package. Additional charges apply for short notice, wait time, travel, and special requests. Holiday rates apply to bookings on special days such as New Year’s Eve.
Asra's bellydancing appeals to young and old alike! Asra performs a traditional Middle-Eastern wedding procession or "zeffa" with a flaming candelabra balanced on her head! Asra gets the groom up to dance at a Winnipeg wedding. Asra dances with the bride and groom at a Middle-Eastern wedding
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