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Costumes, Accessories, Music, and More Belle Orientale - Canadian vendor of Egyptian bellydance costumes, accessories, decor, and gifts.  Nice stuff and reasonable prices. - Online vendor of a wide variety of costumes and accessories.  Huge selection from budget to high-end costumes. Dahlal Internationale - A popular and well- respected source of designer costumes, props and videos.  Costume supplies and a large selection of music also available. Eshta Amar - Small, independent vendor of custom bellydance costumes.  Lovely designs and excellent quality work. Legend Costumes - More unique and wonderful costumes from Turkey. Lila's Bellydance Costumes - Handmade costumes from the Middle East ready for immediate shipment! Maqam - A large selection of middle eastern music, many with samples you can listen to online. Pedralta Dance - UK based supplier of Hermes Sandals, popular footwear for bellydancers.  Also has tribal costuming, music, etc. San Eil Moda Evi - Turkish designer of luscious, high-end costumes.  Highly recommended if you’re looking for something truly special. Topkapi - Vendor of high to medium-end turkish style costumes Shamadans Almanar Shamadans - German vendor of beautiful high-quality shamadans.  Very good customer service. - Source of  the coveted 7.5" flameless LED tapers which use the flat button batteries.  When a flameless candle is required, these are lighter and easier to balance in a shamadan than candles which require "AA" batteries .