Asra - Winnipeg's Premier Middle Eastern Dance Artist
Asra’s Dance Bio With over 13 years of experience, Asra is a popular and highly-respected part of the Winnipeg bellydance community.  Known for her strong technique, musicality, and genuine sense of fun, Asra is committed to presenting her audience with the finest Middle-eastern dance Winnipeg has to offer. Training and Qualifications Teacher Training level 1 and 2 with Hadia, an internationally respected training program JtE level 1 and 2 with Sahra Saeeda, an in-depth course on the roots of bellydance and Egyptian folkloric dance Over 10 years of classes with respected local dance instructors Registered nurse with a strong knowledge of anatomy and safe dance technique Current CPR and first aid training Teachers Asra has over 13 years of dance training and is continually honing her skills. She travels regularly to attend classes and workshops with many amazing and renowned dancers.  Some of the dancers she has studied with include: Hadia, Sahra Saeeda Kent, Dahlia of Seattle, Aradia of Las Vegas, Cassandra Shore, Yasmina Ramzy, Ranya Renee, Fahtiem, Nath Keo, Aziza of Montreal and many more. In 2013, Asra travelled to Turkey to study with renowned instructors such as Sema Yildiz, Hale Sultan, Reyhan Tucsuz, Azad Khan and others. In addition to the many hours of independent study and training that Asra has undertaken to develop her personal style and strengthen her technique, there are two teachers that Asra would like to thank for their part in her dance journey: Asra’s first teacher, Satori of Winnipeg, for establishing a love of bellydance that would change Asra’s life forever, and Asra’s most recent teacher, Nicola of Winnipeg, for deepening Asra’s connection to Egyptian dance style and always emphasizing strong, safe technique. Career Highlights Contributed solo and group performances, as well as created original choreography for the 2014 show, “Dancing Tragedies and Dreams”, a show featuring folkloric and contemporary dances from Palestine, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon. House dancer at Charisma of India Restaurant 2011-present Solo and group performances in “Cleopatra”, a dance theatre show featuring fusion choreography in Spanish and Middle-Eastern styles.  Gas Station Theatre, Oct, 2012 Performances at “Club Bellydance”, featuring the renowned Bellydance Superstars. Gas Station Theatre, 2013 and 2011. "Orient Express 3" Stage Show.  Prairie Theatre Exchange, May 2010 Awarded “Gold with Honours” for her performance in Solo Nationals over 20 at the 2009 Dance Manitoba Showcase “Journey Through Egypt" Gala Show.  Gas Station Theatre, September 2009. "Raks Into Spring"  concert, 2008 "Tonight in Cairo" Bellydance Showcase, 2007 "Night of Love"  fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research.  Manitoba Theatre for Young People, 2006  Feature dancer at “Israeli Cultural Days” 2006    Egyptian Cultural Exhibit at the Forks, 2005         Winnipeg Pride Cabaret 2004  "The World of Tara - The Myths of a Tibetan Goddess Told Through Dance", by Shahrazad.  Pantages Playhouse, April 2004 Former member of the Winnipeg Dance troupes, “Danse Mirage”, “Desert Caravan”, and “Spice Road Bellydance”.
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